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The Local Honeys

The Local Honeys

April 13, 2024
8:00 pm
Duke's Indy

The Local Honeys

The Local Honeys come from a long line of storytellers, a lineage of strong Kentucky women that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and their self-titled La Honda debut is proof it’s in their bones. The duo have mastered the art of telling a good story. The narratives and landscapes they weave into song, the deep understanding and love they share for old time traditions, their undeniable charisma and charm, and their blatant disregard to follow the rules make it clear the duo is poised to become not only the defining voices of their home state of Kentucky but the defining voices of a new Appalachia.

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Support from The Hammer and The Hatchet!

The Hammer And The Hatchet are John Bowyer and Jayme Hood. Songwriting partners, whose Americana originals and harmony rich bluegrass sound have earned a name as a folk roots duo on the rise. They return in summer 2022, to premier Shake Off The Cold - their fourth album in eight years.

John Bowyer is a highly respected singer and multi-instrumentalist who has been writing and recording for over 20 years. Jayme Hood - his versatile songwriting soul mate, is also a carpenter, multimedia artist and a weaver. Hoosiers born and raised, based out of their cabin in the fabled hills of South Central Indiana.

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The Local Honeys